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Most small to medium-sized companies are not large enough to justify a senior financial leader on a full-time basis and may not have considered contracting a part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Many smaller family run businesses likely do not have an accounting team. A fractional accounting team provides all finance and accounting related functions on a part-time, contract basis. CFO Group Inc. provides a diverse team to assist with accounting and financial functions, in a part-time and cost-effective model.

What can a small to medium enterprise gain with an accounting and finance team lead by an experienced CFO on a contract basis:

Financial Leadership – Assist the CEO with financial leadership and develop financial expertise.

3rd party Relationship Management – Aid in price negotiations, vendor applications, grant and funding investigations, and all other liaisons requested. Assist with funding and lender/bank relationships.

Strategic Financial Information – Ensure that financial statements are actionable at a strategic level. From basic bookkeeping to monthly statements, and financial statements for internal and external stakeholders.

Financial Analysis – Provide forward-looking forecasting and cash flow analysis, ongoing or one-time ad hoc analysis and reporting as requested.

Create Additional Alignment—The team will work closely with many departments to collaborate on strategy deployment and financial measurement.

CFO Group offerings include an outsourced accounting team with multiple resources. The advantages of this type of delivery include greater bench depth and a diverse skill set, all at a fraction of the cost. The major advantage is a stable, self -sufficient, team with less turnover and minimal business disruption.

Fee structures and arrangements are flexible. Some team members spend fixed day(s)/week in a client’s office. Other engagements are virtual. Most clients prefer a block-of-time per month to ensure budgeted hours and ensure availability of the team. Projects for ad hoc requests, one-time engagements (i.e. year end preparatory work), sale preparation, and large transactions are also available by contract.

Having a contracted CFO, on-site part-time or virtual basis, backed by a diverse team of administrative and accounting professionals, will have a Huge impact on your business, in a cost-effective model.


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