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Why outsource payroll functions and bookkeeping? 

When considering contract bookkeeping and payroll services, you will gain from a trustworthy provider so you can focus on the business and increase profits.

Relieve the Headache

For many business owners, hiring front office associates is a time burden. Recruitment, terminations and all the people-management in-between is time that can be spent elsewhere.  Having a firm deal with the interview process, training, and consistent performance are a major benefit to contracting out the help required.

Save more Money

Hiring a contractor ensures you are paying for real time spent on specific tasks. You avoid the cost of sick time, vacation pay, employee benefits and office space/supplies. If you are not spending the time managing staff, you might be processing and reporting on your own. That is time better spent managing your business and gaining operational efficiencies.

Expert Advice

The major pro of outsourcing any function is to gain the expertise and advice of that contractor. They see a different business, know different systems, and have diverse experience to apply to your bookkeeping and payroll functions. They specialize in the work offered, know the requirements and deadlines.

Improve Client and Partner Experience 

No clients want a surprise invoice 2 months after the work is completed because that is when invoicing was prepared. Business owners should be weary of these “I-was-too-busy” cash-flow delays.

Next Steps – Contract CFO Group Inc. 

If you are interested in package options, contact There are many pros to trusting a diverse team of accounting and finance associates to help with payroll and bookkeeping functions. Get expert advice while improving client and partner relationships. Save the headache while saving money.


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